Lightweight Golf Gloves For The Summer

The best golf gloves for the hot season

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the golf glove is part of the basic equipment of every golfer and cannot be missed in any golf bag. Many players have their favorite model, which they have been swear by for years, and which they keep loyal to every season. If you have not found your favorite glove yet, our next article will help, as we have put together the best golf gloves for the summer.

As in all areas of the golf equipment there are also great differences in the suitability of golf shoes. A waterproof Rain Glove provides excellent performance on wet days but does not help you at high temperatures. For the sunny days of the year, most manufacturers have models that have been specially designed for these weather conditions and provide maximum comfort. Even though the first weeks this summer required the use of all-weather gloves, we are hoping that July and August still have many sunny days for us.

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Nike Women Summerlite Golf Glove

In the Nike Women Summerlite golf glove you can already tell from the name that this model was created for the summer. At high temperatures, you get sweating faster at the Golfrunde, which is also noticeable in the glove. The Nike Women Summerlite golf glove is made of a very light mesh material to ensure that the air can circulate better and the heat does not build up. Of course, the material is also very flexible, so that it fits snugly and comfortably to the contour of the hand.

The fitting system from Nike also contributes to this, as this ensures an optimal fit. As the Nike Women Summerlite Golf Glove is a pure ladies’ model, it offers first-class comfort for women’s hands of all sizes. In order to offer an optimal grip, the palm of the Nike Women Summerlite golf glove was covered with a particularly high-quality and soft Cabretta leather. This is very supple, very comfortable on the skin and also provides excellent grip.

So that the Nike Women Summerlite golf glove fits perfectly, the cuff has been equipped with a flexible rubber band at the wrist. In addition, the closure with Velcro allows a firm hold, which you can adjust yourself. The Nike Women Summerlite Golf Glove has a fashionable and summery look in bright colors and is available in three colors.

FootJoy StaCooler golf glove

The next model is a golf glove for women. The FootJoy StaCooler golfing glove combines maximum comfort with a cool design, making it the perfect choice for the best season of the year. For a high breathability and a fast moisture transfer, the large-area Power Net fabric ensures the back of the hand, which not only ensures a fantastic wearing comfort but is also responsible for the distinctive style of the FootJoy StaCooler golf glove.

The thin netting allows the air to escape to the outside and to breathe the skin better so that you do not get so sweaty. As the Power Net Mesh is also very elastic and very soft, you can move your hand optimally without the ankle rubbing unpleasantly on the fabric. However, the material is not only very permeable to air, but also allows penetration of the sun’s rays. This will help you avoid the dreaded white golfer’s hand as it is evenly browned despite the glove.

The palm side of the FootJoy StaCooler golf glove is made of high-quality leather, which provides an excellent skin feel. This is due not only to the valence of the leather, but also to the treatment with Aloe Vera extract. This makes the leather very supple and also has a skin-protecting effect. The sturdy and flexible cuff has a push button and offers an optimal fit of the glove. The overall design of the FootJoy StaCooler golf glove has been designed for maximum comfort, allowing you to achieve maximum power even at high temperatures. The FootJoy StaCooler golf glove is available in two color variations so you can match it to your golf outfit.

FootJoy SciFlex Tour Golf Glove

When it comes to golfing gloves, FootJoy is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Many players swear by the high-quality models of FootJoy, which have already been available for several years on the market. These successful models also include the FootJoy SciFlex Tour Golf Glove .

This was made from Premium Cabretta leather, which was previously tanned in the famous FootJoy traction method. This makes the upper material of the FootJoy SciFlex Tour golf glove very handy and ensures a good grip. In addition, thanks to this treatment, the leather remains longer, more supple and more functional. The FootJoy SciFlex Tour Golf Glove is very resistant to perspiration and water repellency compared to many other models. The fantastic moisture management contributes to a high degree to a comfortable wear feeling. This is additionally improved by the inserts made of Micro Vent leather, as the air can circulate particularly well and a cooling effect is generated.

The FootJoy SciFlex Tour golf glove has been fitted with the ComforTab Velcro closure, with the seam running parallel to the outer edge of the hand, allowing an anatomically correct fit. This seam guide creates a uniform pull over the palm of the hand, allowing the glove to sit perfectly for extended periods of time. For an even more sporty look, FootJoys designers also decided for an oblique arrangement of the Velcro fastener. The combination of the soft, soft leather, its fantastic wearing properties and the ergonomic fit makes the FootJoy SciFlex Tour Golf Glove an absolute high performance model for all situations.