Buying Guides For The Best Softball Gloves For Fastpitch And Slowpitch

Your selection of gloves depends on your position in play, your age, the level you play and the size of your hand. However, even considering all these factors, you will always find something that is not only convenient to your hands but also comfortable and can help to protect it from the impact of the strong ball. To make this possible, it is quitely important to know below essential things to choose the best softball glove with quick or slowpitch.

Fastpitch and Slowpitch Gloves

There are not many points different between gloves for fastpitch and slowpitch. Actually you can use two kind of gloves interchangeably and still enjoy all the advantages that a softball glove can bring.

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There is only one significant difference between themwhich the catcherchooses to use. In the slowpitch, the sensor is supposed to catch gentle throws and occasional throws of infielders, and therefore he does not require a particular kind of glove.

In fastpitch, however, the catcher really needs a glove which is well-padded because the balls are very fast and the padding can prevent the hand from being painful. One more differentpoint is that it is important for the Fastpitch pitcher to use a glove that has substantial straps to restrict ability that the hitter can see the ball in order not to predict the howyou will throw the ball.

Meanwhile in slowpitch, this is not a problem as the pitch move slowly and cannot fool the hitter which means it would not be a matter if the hitter knows how you want to throw the ball.


Back is the enclosure of the wrist in a softball glove, and its choice concerns personal preferences. There is a little to do with your playing position, but it is still important to consider when you choose glove. However, to make the selection in this case is very simple because you just need toonly choose between back that is close or open.

Gloves having an open back can offer you greater mobility of the wrist, which also means that you make better movement with your hand, and that is why most players have preferred it. The glove with closed back is rigid because it does not and does open but some of them have a small hole that allows your index finger to be put outside the glove. This type of closed glove is popular on the ground with sensors because it gives them more catching support.


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The gloves come with different materials, so you have a lot to choose from, and include synthetic, leather, mesh and treated leatherin which leather gloves are what the most preference for professional player, and it is not only because of its durability, but also because it is hard to say that it provides better protection than other kinds of material.

The only drawback is the leather gloves are usually more expensive than most of other types. Other softball players prefer treated leather gloves because the oils that condition it prematurely give a faster break period. On the other hand, a mesh glove is perfect for ones who want something lightweight while synthetic is idea material for young players as it is not only the lightest but also the most affordable.

Wrist Adjustment

Wrist adjustment is the feature of most softball gloves but some of these do not have this functionality. Those whichare the best must have wrist adjustment, but remember that they get different systems to perform this feature, and so you have to choose between them.

Your personal preferences would guide your choice regarding this but it is essential to try different styles, then you can consider what is the most comfortable to choose. The budget that you are willing to pay for the glove will also have an influence on your decision as the price is also affected by wrist adjustment system equipped on the glove.